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Passionate Explorer, Student of Life

I love working with people from all over the world, and I make it my mission to provide a memorable coaching experience for all of my clients.

When I’m not busy coaching, I spend time reading and researching and exploring new methods to help keep my training plans fresh, relevant, and backed by science - which means returning clients will discover something new every time they use my services.

As a dedicated endurance coach, I personally enjoy the process of developing my athletes' goals.  My athletes are my top priority.  I am USAC certified and have over 20 years of mountain biking experience including racing in the pro women's category, with 13 total years in competition and other goal events. During my athletic career, I worked with one of the world's top coaching companies and this reflects in the way that I coach today. Evidence-based science comes first.


Not only will I assist you in attaining your endurance goals, but I am also a certified wellness coach, so I will coach you in a way that I consider your overall well-being when formulating training plans.


Additionally, as a holistic coach I am trained to work with athletes' natural physiologies, not against them.

Take a look at what I offer and get in touch if you would like to work with me. I can’t wait to show you my balanced approach to "Doing Epic Things"!


USAC Level 3 Cycling Coach

Dr Stacy Sims "Women are not Small Men" Certification

Wellness Coaching Certificate RRCC

SafeSport Trained

Coaching Experience:

One-on-one coaching since 2010

Skills Coaching since 2009

Behavior change coaching since 2017

Noteworthy Athletic Experience:

MTB XC racing since 2000

Podium highlights: 

  • MTB XC Nationals

  • Colorado MTB State Championships

  • 24-hour MTB Team National Championships


If you are looking for a coach who is vested in your outcome, is fun and always sure to make you laugh, look no further.

M.L., XC MTB Athlete, San Diego, CA

Talitha has been instrumental in creating a plan for me and getting me to where I need to be for my event. But what has been the most surprising and wonderful and beneficial is having her support and care in my training. For me, it's not so much about accountability (although that does help!), but having someone who is experienced and knowledgeable who also has a sincere interest and enthusiasm in supporting my goal as well as my overall well-being is invaluable, priceless really. I have benefited so much more than I expected or even thought possible from Talitha's coaching. 

G.H., XC MTB Ultra Athlete, Denver, CO

I found Coach Talitha while surfing a Facebook group. Wow, what a lucky discovery! I've had coaches before, but she helped me to understand my training way beyond what I expected. She's your gal if you want to work with someone who is kind yet tough, and very intuitive to what you need.

E.S., XC MTB Ultra Athlete, Squamish, B.C.

I was a trainer for 20 years and worked with many clients. She has a gift. I would recommend her to everyone, her delivery is excellent. She is very encouraging and is well aware of the teaching role.

S.T., XC MTB Athlete, Littleton, CO

I really enjoy her coaching, she always takes the time to listen and try to discern what I need.

C.H., Gravel Rider, San Diego, CA

Even though I don't have a lot of time to train because of full-time work and kids, just having Talitha's reminders on my calendar, her workout and nutrition suggestions got me motivated to get out there, despite how tired I felt at the end of the workday. She is a good listener and pays attention to all your body's ailments and strengths on and off the bike.

T.F., XC MTB Athlete, Lakewood, CO

I'm still in the process of learning it all, but so far, I've learned a lot about my hormones and the different (subtle) ways I can use them to my advantage. I wish I had discovered this sooner.

K.M., Off-Road Sprint Triathlete, Houston, TX

Through phone consults and many emails, Talitha was able to discern what was going on with my hormones and then help me apply it to my training. Through her personal knowledge as well as directing me to various resources, I was able to find a method that has worked well for me in my endurance goals. It can be tricky and tedious at first, but phase training has given me more peace of mind in my fitness and honestly, in my overall life.

B.G., Gravel & XC MTB Athlete, Knoxville, TN

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